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Facilities Services

SodexoMAGIC is a leader in providing comprehensive solutions that improve quality of services, enhance efficiencies in operations and productivity, and measures and increases ROI for our clients.

We evaluate clients’ needs, then devise the appropriate solutions needed to maintain and care for each particular facility. By keeping your goals in mind, we effectively deliver valuable and measurable outcomes that work. We are here to provide optimum support and the comprehensive facilities-related services needed to manage the day-to-day requirements necessary to effectively operate your business.

Client satisfaction is key. Therefore, we diligently work to ensure that the management of your facilities is conducted in a secure, safe and environmentally sound manner. In addition, our facilities management solutions are cost effective and help safeguard the long-term protection of your assets.

Our experienced management teams fit seamlessly into your organization to address key facilities management needs such as equipment utilization, organizational infrastructure and environmental services. Through the use of cutting-edge technology, we effectively keep your facilities clean, safe and properly maintained inside and out.

We create a warm and welcoming environment for millions of people across America every day. SodexoMAGIC has the right innovative solutions to meet the needs of your organization.