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A Message from MAGIC


The mission of our company and our employees is to go above and beyond.
- Earvin "Magic" Johnson

When it was time for my successful NBA career to come to an end, it was important for me to be prepared for the next phase of my life. I was fortunate enough to learn from some of the great businessmen of their time, and utilize that knowledge to invest in my own opportunities across various industries. I am especially proud of SodexoMAGIC – a joint venture with Sodexo, one of the nation’s largest food service and facilities management companies – and thrilled to be celebrating our 10-year anniversary.

The best way to start any business venture is to build trust within the served communities and SodexoMAGIC is no different. Our 49 clients across the US will attest to our commitment and our belief that “we are the communities we serve.” We’ve cultivated an awesome service-based company and we are relentless in our efforts to do our very best for our clients and customers. No matter their size, the mission of our company and our employees is to go above and beyond.

Since we began in 2006, SodexoMAGIC has strived to be recognized as the clear choice provider of innovative, comprehensive service solutions that go beyond the needs and expectations of our clients. With this in mind, SodexoMAGIC has, and will continue, to improve the quality of life in all communities by addressing their economic, social, health and educational needs. Our value-add solutions contribute to the development of empowered communities and we believe that working for a better tomorrow begins with embracing diversity today.

There is no exact “magic” to our success. SodexoMAGIC’s first ten years have been amazing because of our people – employees, clients and customers – and our passion for service starting with education, outreach and responsibility. As we embark on our next ten years of service, we will follow the winning course that has gotten us to where we are today, staying true to our vision while maintaining an innovative approach to exceeding industry standards.

Thank you,
Earvin “Magic” Johnson
Chairman & CEO, SodexoMAGIC