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Our passion for service starts with education, outreach and responsibility. SodexoMAGIC
SodexoMAGIC promises to empower the communities we serve by offering best-in-class food & facilities management solutions, which create a positive impact and make a difference in the lives of our clients and customers.
This includes a diverse, nutritious food selections via innovative menu offerings from our highly-trained strategic partners & culinary experts. We are also a leader in providing comprehensive facilities support solutions that improve quality of services, enhance efficiency in operations and productivity, and measure and increase ROI for our clients. SodexoMAGIC offers our dedicated service via the following segments:
We pride ourselves on our ability to transform corporate dining settings with exciting food and retail concepts. Often we find our corporate consumers with lots do to in little time, which is why we aim to achieve utmost efficiency while reach high standards of food quality and nutrition. Customer satisfaction is paramount and we pride ourselves in serving our corporate leaders.
Customized solutions that transform healthcare environments into exciting destinations is the hallmark of our healthcare division. Our commitment to nutrition, safety, and quality facilities is encouraging to hospital patients and staff looking for a little peace of mind.
Our nutritional K-12 school lunch offerings provide students a variety of healthy meals. We’ve also established various educational and interactive activities to educate children on the importance of maintaining healthy lifestyles. Our goal is to encourage children to value nutrition, initiating a commitment to health & wellness that will continue throughout their lives.
We offer creative menus and innovative dining facilities, along with a variety of nutritional options geared toward the modern day college student. By providing a combination of traditional & innovative concepts, we provide a comfortable environment for students that may be away from home for the first time.